Winter Survival Guide: How to Stay Warm in Winter

As you go into the winter months, you need to keep your pregnant body warm and comfortable so that you do not develop aches and pains that can become something more serious.

The cold can make your body more sensitive, and combined with the changes that occur during pregnancy; you can end up ill. You need to stay warm during pregnancy for your safety and that of the child. Here are a few ways to keep warm during winter.

Stay Hydrated

One of the causes of cold during winter is dehydration. As you go through the blasts from one open place to another, you end up sweating due to the high level of heat aimed at keeping the occupants dry. You end up losing a lot of water in the process.

Dehydration is one of the major causes of preterm labour and light-headedness. Make sure you take a lot of water, preferably more than what you took during pregnancy. If you are not a fan of water, then opt for something hot such as decaf.

Get Some Exercise

Exercising the body helps stimulate the muscles to keep you warm. For many pregnant women, the major form of exercise is walking outside. However, this changes when the weather is harsh because you will not be able to walk outside the way you are supposed to.

You find yourself on the couch each day when instead you are supposed to be out walking for your benefit and that of the baby. What you need to do in such a case is to take a prenatal exercise class. This class is a fitness session that is specifically designed for expectant women.

One of the exercises that are applied in this class is yoga. This exercise is helpful a lot when it comes to delivery of the baby. While at it, you might end up with a few friends as well!

Another issue that crops up when you do not spend more time outside is you do not get enough sunlight. You need some sunshine in your life to elevate your mood and get enough vitamin D. You might be forced to take a supplement to help you get the right amounts of vitamin D that you need.

Get Fitting Clothes for Winter

Many expectant mothers find that the clothes they loved so much for winter do not fit any more. That warm and snugly coat that you used to wear to work every day does not fit across the bulging belly anymore. You have to get the right size.

However, it is usually tough to pay hundreds of dollars for a coat that you will put to use for only a few months and then most likely never have to wear again.

You might think that the best alternative is to use several layers of clothes, but again this starts becoming bulky. What you need is the right coat. It does not have to be the most expensive coat yet, just the right size.

Throw in a few mittens and a hat, and you will be on your way to a great winter.

You might be forced to wear a light layer of cloth underneath so that you can shed off the extra layers when you find yourself in warm buildings.

You also need thick socks and closed shoes. If you cannot get flat-soled knee-length boots, then go for warm stockings that can give you the heat you need for the night.

Staying Indoors

If you do not need to go out, then it is a good idea to stay indoors. This is because the more you expose yourself to the harsh weather; the more prone you are to feeling cold. So, if you are not supposed to go out, then do not.

Use an Electric Blanket

You need to get an electric blanket for you and your baby during these cold winter months. This blanket helps you stay warm as you cut down on the cost of heating each month. To get the best one, try this site to get tips and read reviews on top electric blankets.

Final Words

You need to keep warm during pregnancy for the sake of you and the unborn baby. Follow these few tips to avoid the cold weather and keep your body warm until the winter ends.

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