What is Cloud Computing and How Can It Affect My Business?

Any attempt to remain up-to-date on current IT trends will lead you to the word “cloud” and “cloud computing” in particular. This leads to the common questions: what is the cloud? where is the cloud? and if by chance you’re in business, how does cloud computing relate to me what I do? With cloud technology picking up and its ease of use and application making it more attractive, you’re sure to keep hearing about it in the future. If you’re interested in the answers to be the above questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Cloud computing, simplified

To put it simply, cloud computing enables access of computing services over the internet. The storage, databases, servers, networking, software, analytics and other features of the entity choosing to use the service are made available to a user provided they have the required permissions. The features and data in question are often kept on a privately-owned server or a third-party server located elsewhere.

Many of the systems you use are based on cloud technology, even if you don’t realize it. Television streaming, music streaming, document editing, gaming, and email services all employ cloud systems. As a business owner, you yourself can host websites, deliver software, analyze data patterns, store data for backup and recovery and create apps on a cloud of your own.

How does the cloud affect my business

A key benefit to companies that operate on the cloud is a lowered cost. Running your business on a third party cloud system cuts the initial costs of buying hardware and software needed to set up and run an on or off-site data center. The expensive of server racks, IT experts to manage them and the infrastructure and the 24/7 electricity needed to power and cool your servers can be hefty.

With a quality company managing the upkeep of these servers, your site, systems and data accessibility should be smooth and fast. This is more of a convenience than a necessity, but your customers and employees will thank you for it. With your company saving money and people enjoying your services, surely you’ll need to expand. When you do, you notice another advantage.

If you need to scale up (or even down) the flexibility is there with cloud computing. There’s no worry of over purchasing servers or need more or less rack-space because you add or drop as per your IT needs. Storage, bandwidth, computing power and even server location are all adjustable at your request with the right company.

What else do I need to know

Above is just the gist of what you and your business can do with a cloud system. Whether a start-up or an older business looking to expand its services to a new audience, there is definitely something to be taken advantage of. If you’re truly interested in the benefits for you and your company, get in contact with a proper IT management company. I’d personally suggest the guys and girls at St Albans IT Support | Local Business | Amazing Support.

Make sure to ask the company of your choosing about the type of cloud you’ll need to use as well as what services you should give access to on your cloud. Be thorough about asking how your data is secured if it’s information that shouldn’t get into the wrong hands. Ask about encryption, how they manage the encryption keys and if they’re compliant with modern security protocols. Once you’re sure your data will be secure you’ll be well on your way to bringing your company into the future.

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