Using Laser Engraving to Print Logos on Plaques and Trophies

Using engraved company logos helps businesses have permanent markings on various materials, ranging from wood to metal. The good thing is that these logos appeal to everyone, and they are unique. As a laser engraving business, it is ideal that you understand how to make marks on various surfaces.

The idea for logos vary from person to person, and the company that requires the promotional item is the one that decides what kind of item you need to mark. This can be wall art, key holders, badges and more. Actually, the use of laser engraving is only limited by your imagination. However, for promotional items, it is good to go for those little items that are simple yet offer what you want.

You can engrave the logo, the slogan and any other words that you want whether you are a football club, hospital or school. The gifts you come up with are best for guests, supporters, friends or well-wishers. Why? This is because they are unique and highly rated. Moreover, they are memorable and ideal for business promotion.

Company logos need to be engraved to look nice. The best thing about laser engraving is that it leaves a contrast on the surface, which results in permanent markings that are indelible. Deep engraving is only possible with the use of a good laser system, which you can get from Needham Coding.

You also need to have good engraving skills to nail the process. The images also need to be properly designed so that the laser system produces the best results. You also need to make sure any accompanying text is clear.


You can also make money engraving trophies as well as plaques. With the right technique, you can engrave marks on trophies to make them more effective. Engraving on such a surface aims to convey the message of the client in a clear and memorable way.

For instance, the message on a company trophy is different from the message you engrave on a sports trophy. There are various ways to make sure the design stands out and is readable. You need to make sure you communicate the message depending on the purpose of the award.

Corporate Plaques

The main purpose of corporate plaque is to celebrate a certain contribution to the company. This can be a celebration of achieving a milestone such as a certain number of sales and more.

These plaques need to reflect the brand values as well as show the aim of the plaque. The easiest way to make sure you reflect the brand values is to incorporate the logo in the design.

You also need to choose a good font. For this, avoid those graffiti fonts that are hard to read, because the marks need to be easy to read. You need to consider the font sizing so that it adds to the overall effect of the design. Make sure the engraving doesn’t look out of proportion.

If you are working with curved surfaces, you need to take into consideration the angles so that the words come out well. The words need to be marked out so that it follows the curves in the design.

Additionally, highlight the important elements using bigger text. This needs that you sit down with the client to decide what each word represents, and how important it is to the overall design.

The Bottom-line

You can use laser engraving to print the company logo on trophies and plaques, which is a good way to advertise the company as well. Take time to use the right laser machine to get the best results.

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