Travel Blogging and Instagram: How to Make The Process Easier

Travel blogging is all about finding places that people haven’t experienced before and bringing them to the forefront in a creative way. You have to get your camera, have your devices, pack a few bags and get on the road. This is interesting for most people, but at times it becomes overwhelming especially when you think about the things you have to go through while on the road.

What You Need to Capture

While on the road, you need to be on the lookout for the right places to review or talk about. This is not easy, because many travel bloggers have travelled the globe only to have less-than-stellar images and videos for the audience. On the other hand, some travel bloggers just get out of the house and within an hour have content that gets the followers running to their blogs.

The secret in this is knowing what your audience wants. Instagram gives you a few analytic tools to use on your page to know what moves your audience, and what doesn’t. Focus more on what moves them and avoid what doesn’t.

So, if you know that your audience loves images of water bodies, then your target should be related to such and more. Don’t just take shots of anything you find interesting to you, because you will end up disappointed.

Have the Right Tools

When you run a blog that you believe might be the platform you need, having the right tools make things easier for you. Being a travel blogger, your audience expects you to give them high-quality images because they trust you to help them make travel decisions.

If you are taking a photo, make sure you have a good camera for the task. If you decide to take a video, make sure it is good enough to show the details that you want to expose to the masses.

Travelling means that you spend a lot of time on the road, and you need to have the right accessories to stay online. Have extra battery packs and carry along your chargers in case you need to top up the charge on any device. You might need to carry a suitable adapter if you are moving across states.

Automate Your Interaction

One of the ways to stay relevant and active on Instagram is to automate your engagement. Take time to understand what aspects you can automate, and then go ahead and get the right boot to do this. However, you need to get the right tool as well. Any tool that promises to automate comments is a no-no because Instagram doesn’t like you to use automation for comments. Doing this tells them that you are using a boot, and you risk having your account banned altogether.

Final Thoughts

It takes tactics and some research to find the best experiences to share with your audience. Remember that you need to find the right experiences to share so that you don’t leave your audience disappointed. Additionally, have the right tools to achieve top quality posts.

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