The Continent of Asia is a Beautiful Place to Visit

The Continent of Asia is a Beautiful Place to Visit

Many people enjoy vacationing there because of the vast variety of gourmet delicacies, the hospitality of the locals, and the exotic landscapes. People often relate travelling to Asia with visiting China and Japan, but there are so many more parts of the continent well worth visiting. Anytime of the year is perfect for travelling to Asia, given the broad range of climates from a nippy -32 degrees in northern Russia, to a balmy 105 degrees in the tropical islands of the Asia Pacific area. Asia is the world’s largest continent and there is so much to absorb while visiting and so many beautiful places to visit. One such place is Mongolia, a country not often considered when planning a vacation. It is a very safe country for tourists visiting from abroad. Mongolia is a very beautiful country to visit and tourists who do often say they love it and did not want to return.

When travelling abroad, it is essential to pack for the season in which you are visiting. Study up on the climate prior to your vacation. There is nothing worse than being unprepared for the weather. Mongolia gets extremely cold in the winter. In fact, I think “extremely” is an understatement. Many people do not travel to Mongolia during that time of year. However, some people do visit there for the beauty of the winter months. Mongolia is known to be one of the most beautiful places on earth during the winter time, and given its undisturbed landscape, I can totally understand why people like to visit that time of year. Some items that are essential to pack for a winter trip to Mongolia are obviously; a parka, gloves, hats,  long underwear, and Mongolian uggs to stay warm.

Yes, you heard that correctly, Mongolian Uggs!

They have become quite a trend in Mongolia. They are all the rage during the harsh Mongolian winters. Who ever thought Eskimos could be trendy? Uggs are made from sheepskin and fleece which are extremely warm. These items are only a fraction of what is needed to survive in the brutal cold. It is also essential to bring a backpack, blanket, and extra money. One thing to keep in mind is to always dress in layers for the bitter cold of the winter. The dry climate of the Mongolian winter is also something to take into account. The fact that it is dry provides a little relief from the winter weather because it does not seem as cold as it is. But still be prepared for unexpected hardships.

Winter is not a popular time to visit Mongolia and travelling through the country can be treacherous. The roads are closed due to the snow and there are very few resources available. Your best bet for a winter expedition in Mongolia is to travel with a tour, rather than alone or with friends. But make sure that you select a reputable tour company as some of the local companies are less reliable. One thing to keep in mind in the brutal weather conditions is to always stay with the tour and never wander alone.

Also keep lodging options open when you vacation to Mongolia. Many tourists live like the locals and stay in yurts, which are actually quite warm in the winter. Yurts are heated with stoves and can be very cozy and comfortable.  Mongolia is a beautiful country to travel to any time of the year, despite it’s barren landscape. Stay safe, warm, and happy and you are sure to have a very memorable vacation.

Happy travels!

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