The Best iPad Accessories

The joy of having an iPad goes far and beyond the pleasure of the essentials they provide (call, text, internet, music, etc.). Because there are so many amazing additional accessories you can purchase with them, their use and convenience become tenfold. To get a better idea on some of the best ones, make sure that you keep on reading.

Bluetooth Headphones

At their core, you can listen to audio on iPads. However, the way you listen to it is entirely customizable. The best way to do this is to invest in Bluetooth headphones. They offer a better listening experience than your base iPad speakers, but also offer advantages over other headphones. Not only will you be able to enjoy wireless headphones but you can also use them for other devices. Compared to standard headphones, their sound quality is also superb. This makes them both convenient and multi-functional. At the end of the day, can you ask for anything more?

A Case

Let’s be honest, iPads are not the cheapest device in the world. On the contrary, they are going to cost you a good deal of money. So, it’s smart to do everything in your power to ensure their safety. To best accomplish this, you should invest in an iPad case. Not only will this add much-needed protection in lure of a drop but it will also add style to your iPad. Depending on the model you get, they can also protect your screen from scratches. However, if you don’t want to spend the money on one think about it this way. The money you will end up paying for a case is much less than the money you would end up paying for a brand new iPad.

Bluetooth Speakers

You may be asking yourself why two separate Bluetooth devices have made their way onto this list. After all, couldn’t they just have been combined? Yes, they could have but they both deserve their own recognition. If you are going to a party or to a get together with friends and you have great music on your iPad, you could sync it to Bluetooth speakers to bring life to the event. However, using Bluetooth speakers with your iPad can just be a way for you to listen to music without having to wear headphones (which can get annoying).

Car Mount Holder

To be honest, if it’s not 100 percent necessary for you to use your iPad while behind the steering wheel you shouldn’t. However, in those few instances where it is, you can invest in a car mount holder to make it as safe as possible. Instead of having one hand on the device and one hand on the wheel, you can have both hands on the wheel. For example, if you have GPS on your iPad and are following directions while driving, you could mount your iPad in your car to safely view them.

Game Controllers

This last accessory is strictly for all of the gaming fans out there. If you avidly play games on your iPad, then you know the control can be annoying at times. Enter in gaming controllers that are compatible with iOS games. While these controllers may not be as elite as PS4, Xbox One, or Wii U Pro Controllers, they are still more than competent. Now more than ever, there are a plethora of excellent mobile games. In the past, perhaps you wanted to play them but didn’t want to without a physical controller. Well, that problem is not present anymore and it’s recommended as you would be surprised at the amount of fantastic mobile games.

Now that you are aware of some of the iPad’s best accessories, you will want to know which specific models to buy. To save you precious time, iThingum has compiled numerous reviews on all sorts of accessories. It’s highly recommended that you visit there because you will then know exactly which models are superior to others.

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