Replacing Instagress with Better Alternatives

Instagram is the social media choice for many online marketers. Its 800 million strong user base love following their favorite brands. The number of users will only increase over time making Instagram a proper choice for anyone new.

Fear not new marketers

If you’re new to marketing on Instagram it can seem intimidating. This doesn’t have to be the case. The platform’s simple nature means the all the effort should go into a proper brand strategy. If you aren’t the type to make a brand strategy there are professionals that can do that for you.

General Instagram setup information

The gist of what you need to get started is a website to link back to, a motif for the page and a quality camera. If you aren’t the type to take or edit photos there are professionals for that as well. If there’s anything you should pour your energy into it’s getting noticed. Conquering the social aspect is easily the most difficult part of the process.

Instagram bots and their place in your marketing strategy

For most, even with tons of content of the highest quality, it can be difficult to get noticed. Gaining a proper following can takes months or even years. Doing everything “right” can be a slow grind towards reaching your target with regard to following. There is nothing wrong with the approach. There are however less stressful and time-consuming ways.

Instagram bots are a simple way around this. They take advantage of the hashtag you use with your content to locate others. Hashtags allow you to pool your images with others that share the hashtag. This increases your reach beyond that of just your pages. A bot goes to pages with like hashtags and does the liking, commenting, following and unfollowing for you.

What’s out there

There are different bots on the market. One of the most popular is Instagress, but like most popular bots, it’s likely to be shut down soon. Replacements for Instagress have been popping up so you can take advantage of that. Just be sure to do a little research on the app program beforehand.

What is the general consensus on bots

Honestly, it shouldn’t matter, but there are mixed reviews. The efficacy of bots seems to upset some. That’s just proof that they work, however. It’s all about ethics.

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