Looking to Store Some Stuff? Here Some Tips

Looking to Store Some Stuff

If you are a little smart you can store more at home than you ever thought about and that way you don’t have to hire storage from a company like http://www.smartlockstorage.com/, if you do need storage that’s in excess than definitely give them a call right away as they are one of the more affordable, though 100% secure storage solutions in the UK.

But as said, if you’re not entirely sure if you need additional storage space here are some very useful tips that I bet you haven’t thought about before. I sure hadn’t before I started to do my research for this blog post.

Adjust your cabinets

The largest space safer is by storing things the vertical way instead of horizontal, most people never pay any attention to that and neither do the ones building the furniture, or designing it for that matter but this can save you heaps of space and you probably didn’t even realize that or thought about it.

Why is your door so empty?

Yes I mean the inside of your door, not the outside as you don’t want your stuff stolen, you can hang so many things on your door you’d be crazy not to do it, just don’t overload it like crazy like heavy bags of stuff as you still have to go through that door.

Bag unnecessary stuff

Bags are much better than boxes as it allows for more flexibility when storing, boxes always leave empty room in the corners so when you look at this pile of 20 boxes in your shed maybe you can throw some stuff away and store it in strong bags instead and easily save a box or two, or even three or four.

Mount a shelf on the wall

There is another one to save you some extra space, sorry if your house starts to look like one big storage place with shelves, boxes, adjusted cabinets and a pile of bags but hey you wanted to save storage place didn’t you? There is always Smart Lock Storage to help you out so don’t forget that.

Hang your hooks

Or is it hook your hangs, doesn’t really matter, if you have a lot of garden equipment it’s clever to start hanging it up, yep we hang all we can here, as long as it saves space it’s all good with us. You can even hang your bicycle in your garage so that you can still fit in your car in case you live in a bad neighborhood.

Joist space storage

This is probably the most ingenious plan to store your stuff without it annoying you every step you take, just make sure your ceiling is high enough so that you don’t hurt your head. The best material to use for this is to mount wire shelving so that it’s lightweight and close in proximity enough for things not to fall through.

Worry about moisture?

It doesn’t have to be like that if you save up your fertilizer as this is an excellent source to soak up moisture. I bet you didn’t know that. So instead of bringing it to the dump keep it at bay in your garage so that you can store a lot more there what you otherwise wouldn’t even think about storing, like antique furniture for example.

Coming to an end?

My hands are getting tired from all the typing I have done so I’m going to put it to an end, I hope I provided you with enough ideas to store your things in creative ways and saved you some money in the process. More ideas are always welcome, in the comments below, please.

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