How Technology Has Changed Life

If you have ever attended a history class in your life, then you understand that this world has undergone a lot of changes. Think about those people who lived in the first century and compare them with what we have today. Technology is one thing that has changed how people live and interact daily. The good thing with technology is that it improves each passing day. The following are notable ways that technology has changed the way of life


In the ancient world,  there were very few scholars who were highly respected in their respective fields. Education is now available for almost everyone in this world thanks to technology. People must not go for physical classes as you can join an online course. Some graduates have never set foot in colleges but still got papers that take them places and that are recognized by various organizations. You can also hire online tutors who will help improve in various subjects or units. There are programmed classes that employ machine learning technology, which eliminates the need for having a human teacher.

Impacted on our health

If you compare the childbirth mortality rate we have today, and what was there like 20 years ago, then you will note a drastic drop. Many machines make diagnosis easy and detect illness early enough. Some of these devices will check the health history of a person and give a diagnosis based on it. On the other hand, some illnesses have come around due to technological advancement. For instance, people who are exposed to harmful rays are at risk of getting skin cancer and other lifestyle diseases that may cause death.

Created new job opportunities

The people we know call computer engineers were unheard of four decades ago. The introduction of computers was a big step towards creating opportunities that people can utilize to make a living. Those people who are trendy and embrace technologies of the future are always in demand and making moves.  Data scientists are always on demand as they analyze big data and put them in forms that business owners can utilize for the benefit of their ventures. On the other hand, some people have lost their jobs due to mechanization as well.

Revolutionized communication

Gone are the days when people used to send smoke signals as a form of communication. Others used to send messengers physically to deliver letters. The post office later came, and people could post letters to their preferred destinations. The era of the internet brought a new wave where people started exchanging messages over the web. Emails are the reason why post offices do not operate the way they used to. We now have instant messaging apps where people can send and receive messages at the click of a button. Video conferencing is also eliminating the need to hold physical meetings. People can also send automated messages, which makes it easier to concentrate on core business functions.

Improved business processes

The earliest form of trade was barter trade, which came with its fair share of challenges. Finding someone who requires the exact product you have could take days. The introduction of money opened up the business world, but still, regional barriers were present. Technology has made it possible to sell and buy products from any part of the world. People can now place orders overseas, track them and have them delivered at their doorsteps. Processing cross-border payments are now easier and instant in some cases. There are applications that business owners use to oversee all the action that happens at the place of work. Some business owners have been forced to close shop after they failed to innovate.

Genetic engineering is improving the quality of life

Human beings are blessed with intellectual capabilities that other animals lack. Scientists have been experimenting and learning how to eradicate some diseases and disorders through genetic engineering. Make sure that you check Human Paragon as it is a good resource on matters of genetic engineering and everything to do with human modification.


Technology has had its negative as well as positive impacts in this world. A close analysis shows that technology continues to make life better, but humans need to adapt as well.

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