Getting the best out of Vietnam Tours

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing, culturally rich and superbly landscaped vacation options across Southeast Asia. With a combination of the beautiful landscapes, richness in history and culture, it for sure is one of the few places that offer guests a matchless assortment of stylishness and customs. The mind overwhelming and site capturing rural villages, bright and inviting towns and the ever attractive sceneries, Vietnam is a state-of-the-art tour option for any class of visitors, around the year.

Various options to choose from

Whether you are planning to take yourself out for a tour, or you would want to take your family with you, Vietnam has a variety of options that fit everyone, regardless of age groups. Make Vietnam top the list of your traveling choice of destinations. It boasts of the most dramatic landscapes, pulsating energy, epic foods, and fascinating history plus historical sites. It is a destination that will for sure electrify your traveling, thrill and relax you to the fullest. Vietnam gives you several reasons why you should visit and tour all its amazing tour destinations.

From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh to the famous Mekong Delta and the mammoth caves that attract visitors to view and enjoy the jungles and lakes in them, you will have more than enough reasons to stay and come back to later. You can choose to use a plane, a train, the many buses plying the different roads or the famous motorbikes that are the preferred modes of transport.

Top destinations

The Mekong Delta tops the list of our options that will make you yearn to visit and tour Vietnam. The delta is in the Southwestern part of Vietnam where the Mekong River flows into the South China Sea. The river is an attraction component and most people to see the 12th longest river that flows through six countries. The river flows from Tibet through China, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Laos PDR, and Cambodia and into Vietnam. Anyone who visits the areas around and alongside the river can choose to visit the city of Can Tho, where they can enjoy the real life of the rural area that is also affectionately known as the rice bowl. Visitors are usually wowed by traveling up backwaters, the floating markets and above all, get to interact with the friendly people of Can Tho.

The mammoth caves holding entire jungles and lakes in Vietnam also offer the best sceneries. The Son Doong Cave, which is the biggest cave in the world has the most controlled, expensive but limited access, which makes many people get eager to visit it. There are other numerous caves, however, in its network that anyone can visit freely.

The markets around Vietnam can be cavernous by themselves, being the best choices for anyone who loves shopping. For example, markets in places Danang house and sell everything from fabrics to foods to entertainment equipment and dried baby shrimps. Whether you want to go for an adventure, all the stuff you need for that purpose will be found in the mega shops. The markets are usually busy during the morning and evening ours, making it easier for one to plan ahead.

Perfect food, spectacular views

Fresh seafood and meats make the markets in Vietnam popular as there is no smelly food around. From freshly caught fish, prawns, crabs, snails to pig butchered no more than four to five hours ago, you won’t be a victim of being braced for a fishy or piggy smell. Fresh vegetables are also a positive factor that keeps the markets flooded days on end. From morning glory to bitter lemons to vegetables, shredded sleds and stir-fries, everything is super fresh.

The vistas and panoramas stretching along the horizons, especially at sunset, provide the most magnificent view, all over the country. The sharp undulations on the mountainous vistas found in the Quang Binh province of Central Vietnam are also a sight to behold. The undulations resemble human shoulders standing side by side, giving every visitor a reason to wait for sunset.

The Halong Bay in the Gulf of Tonkin is another site that provides a spectacular view for the visitors touring Vietnam. The intriguing look of it is characterized by the 1600 islands that are seemingly on top of each other, thus creating a histrionic scape of mountains, the sea, and the sky.

One of the most stunning areas in Vietnam is the Sapa hill station, found on the Northwest side of Vietnam. It has the most dramatic rice terraces, and the surrounding peaks make the mountainous expanse worth all the trips that people make from Hanoi to the place. Most tourists prefer and are intrigued by the overnight train journey from Hanoi to Sapa, and as a group. This makes it the most popular and admired tourist and vacation destination.

Not to forget, the Vietnam beaches play a vital role in the ever growing number of visitors to Vietnam. Some beach towns including Mui Ne, Doc Let, and Nha Trang attract the attention of most visitors as the real treasures. Dao and Phu Quoc also make the most gorgeous islands in Vietnam and South East Asia at large.

With all the goodies mentioned that are associated with the ever growing interest in Vietnam, everyone will for sure find a reason to visit and spend their time there. Whether one needs to wind up or just relax, Vietnam is a perfect choice, thanks to Vietnam travel guide contributed by

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