A Musical Life

I have always had a keen interest in music. Music has always been a part of my life, when I was growing up my parents were very keen for me to learn an instrument and be able to read music. While I struggled with reading music, I took to playing instruments very well and self-taught myself the drums and guitar. I must admit I am by no means a professional, I can hold a tune and I really enjoy relaxing and playing my guitar.

My parents thought that a child with a musical brain would be more creative, therefore an interesting and rounded person. Their love for all things music rubbed off on me, and I still enjoy all types of music to this day, from jazz and blues, to modern pop music.

I enjoyed music so much I majored in it at college. Even though I couldn’t read music, the course was perfect. I became very interested in the design and creation of songs, all the way from conception to the final product. I guess some people would call me a producer of some sorts, but while I was creating the songs, I was certainly in no position to pay for the whole costs surrounding studios and artists.

First Pay Check

After graduating from college, I applied for several jobs within the music industry. As most people are aware, this industry is very cut throat and even very experienced musicians and technical directors can find themselves out of work for long periods of time.

I had applied for around 15 jobs as a junior assistant to the musical directors of numerous companies, but no luck. I had to do something and quickly, I needed experience, but without a job, how would I get this experience. After talking to someone who worked in radio, they suggested I look into writing jingles for advertising.

The advertising route was something which I had never thought about, but after some research I soon found that this sector of the industry could be fairly lucrative. A local coffee shop was advertising for a new jingle, so I set to work on my creation. After a week of working on the jingle, I had recorded everything but the guitar riff that would play throughout the advert as a catch line (something that sticks in the audiences’ head and remind them of the product)

Professional guitarists were expensive so I tried to think of a way around this, I had already paid for studio time so that wasn’t an issue. A thought hit me like a light bulb moment, why didn’t I play the required riff myself! I had long ago sold my guitar, so looked around for a new model. I found a website which had numerous reviews on different models, http://guitarreviews.us/best-electric-guitar/, here I found the perfect guitar and set out to buy that model.

After recording the jingle, I sent it to the coffee shop marketing department. They loved the jingle, and paid very well for it.

A New Career

I had fallen into a career, and while it was musically orientated, it was an area I had never even thought about. I had heard the annoying radio advertisements time and time again, but never thought about how they were created, or the people behind the annoying catchy ads.

After the success of the first advert, I soon received 3 more offers of work. I created an advertisement for each, and again, each company loved them. This was definitely the job for me. It wasn’t hard work and only required a day in the studio for each one. I would often ask my friends to be the voiceover artists or to play instruments, this was a way in which some of my college friends could earn an honest wage.

Within two years I had managed to make a studio in my spare bedroom, this in turn paid the way for a private studio. After five years of working out of my bedroom studio, I had a private studio that I used to create many catchy and annoying jingles, and also rented the space to up and coming musicians for next to nothing. This was my way of paying something back into the industry.

Two of the young artists have since gone on to secure lucrative record deals, something which I am very proud of, and something which the now successful artists always remember. Our walls now have two gold disks secured in pride of place, sent from the artists that used our humble little studio. Business has gone from strength to strength, and I have to thank my parent for introducing me into the world of music, how different life could have been if I ignored this interest.

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