A Look at Top iPad Charging Docks

The charging dock represents one of the most significant yet disregarded iPad accessories. Charging stations and docks would surely make your iPad use easier and more convenient. Today we look at various charging docks and stations, but keep in mind that the accessories mentioned in this review make use of Apple’s Lightning connector unless declared otherwise.

IPhone Lightning Dock from Apple

You might be wondering why we should list this dock here yet the title explicitly states that we are looking at iPad docks. Well, you will be amazed to find that the dock works flawlessly for iPads as well. The dock doesn’t come with a cable or adapter; you have to use the adapter that came with the iPad in order to use the dock. Best thing is you are getting a genuine dock from the company that made the iPad.

Belkin Express Dock

This dock gives you the option of choosing single or double connector mode. If you decide on two connectors, you can choose to have both of them as lightning type or one to be a lightning connector and the other one to be a 30 pin connector. The dock comes with a dial you can configure so that the lightning connector connects to the iPad with the case on.

The dock comes with an attached 4-feet lightning cable that you can use to connect to your USB adapter or laptop to sync to the iPad.

Macally Syncing Dock

Apart from giving you a charging dock, this device comes with a rubber-covered back support to prevent scratching of the back casing of your iPad. This dock stands out as the only one that comes with a 12-watt USB adapter for faster charging of your iPad. This dock is perfect for iPads that have thin cases or none at all.

Twelve South HiRise Deluxe

This docking station’s stand is made of metal, making it firm and strong. You get to choose from one of the three finishes – black, silver and gold depending on the color of your iPad. This device also acts as a stand, raising the iPad for hands-free use. Fixing the iPad on the dock leaves the speakers and microphone accessible, giving you clear audio reception.

One of the top details that make this dock ideal is the adjustable rear support beam. Adjusting the beam allows you to fit different iPad models and sizes as well as different types of cases.

Bose SoundDock Series III

Apart from offering a charging dock for your iPad, you get to enjoy extra superb audio features. Sitting 7 inches tall and 12 inches wide, the dock is small enough to fit on a shelf, countertop or table. It uses digital signal processing to deliver high quality sound. This series also comes with a remote to allow you switch the system, navigate through media files and adjust the volume.

iHome Apple iPad Charging Station

This dock provides various ports so that you can charge other Apple and non-Apple devices simultaneously. The dock offers 1000mw of charging power for the iPad, allowing you to charge the device at high speeds. This dock holds your iPad in a horizontal position, making a perfect stand for the device. This eliminates the need to pay for a stand and a dock separately when you can have them in one single unit.

CRD-iPad-BK Docking Station

You can choose to charge your iPad or sync it using the USB port that comes with the station. You also get an AC adaptor with the dock, making it easy to connect to an AC outlet. The dock also acts as a stand, maintaining your iPad at an angle ideal for viewing.

Jensen JiPS Apple iPad Charging Dock

The standout feature of this dock is that it comes with a rotating mechanism that affords you a landscape or portrait view. The dock comes with an auxiliary jack for connecting your iPod or other mp3 and mp4 players


Now you have a list that you can use to get an appropriate charging dock for your iPad. As you can see, your needs dictate the type of dock you need. Apart from charging, you need other accessories to enhance your iPad user experience. Take some time and visit iThingum.com to read reviews of other accessories so that you make informed buying decisions.

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