5 Important Small Appliances for Your Kitchen

When you have a new kitchen, the first thing you probably think of is equipping it with appropriate appliances, especially if there’s limited space. There are various unique appliances every kitchen needs as they’re perfect for a variety of functions and may prove useful in different ways.

When shopping for small appliances for your kitchen, you should always give it some thought and choose something that’s multipurpose, so you eliminate the need for many items meant for various functions.

For example, when baking, choosing the right toaster oven is much better than buying an oven, microwave, toaster and steamer separately. Therefore, always consider your needs and purchase a small appliance that will replace several others and not clutter your kitchen. The following are five essential appliances you can get for your new kitchen:


A blender is definitely a must-have appliance for a new kitchen, especially if you’re looking to savor healthy juices. Blenders come in many different types and you should decide on what type of blender you want. You can choose either a countertop blender or immersion blender. Each of these blenders has their strengths and weaknesses, so read blender reviews to help you make a decision.

When purchasing a blender, it’s important to pick one that is powerful and versatile especially if you’re not limited by space. If space’s a problem, a multipurpose blender will be ideal but ensure you choose one that whips your ingredients and does puree, among other things.

Food processor

This is one of the most essential small appliances for any new kitchen. A food processor may be used to do a lot more in the kitchen, so it’s a handy investment. Make sure to find one with the right capacity depending on your family’s needs. The best food processor will whip, dice, slice, and grid. All of these functions may be done within a few minutes, making your work not only easier but enjoyable as well. Again, when shopping for the right food processor, always consider its functions and size to be certain of great results.

Toaster oven

You may miss one or two small appliances, but always make sure that your kitchen has the right toaster oven. This can be considered a miracle appliance that ensures great results especially when you’re baking, warming food, toasting your bread, melting cheese, defrosting frozen foods and so on. Always find the best model for amazing results. You should read several reviews on toaster ovens and check out different brands and models to help you take the right decision.

Pressure cooker

Among all appliances you buy, make sure to get a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers are available in different types and, according to reviews, the best ones top the list. The good thing about pressure cookers is that they slash cooking time by at least 60 percent while helping reduce energy consumption at the same time. You can find the best size for your family’s needs.

Electric mixer

An electric mixer certainly saves you energy and time when you mix different ingredients. Electric mixers are available in two options: stand mixer and hand mixer. According to multiple user reviews, stand mixers are ideal for avid bakers while hand mixers are great for those who don’t bake a lot. Hand mixers are perfect for occasional mixing jobs like beating egg whites, making whipped cream, smoothing cake batter, etc. Again, look for the right size according to your needs.

All in all, these five small appliances are inexpensive but can give you lots of wonderful benefits while saving your time and money. They are definitely a best buy as you start using your brand new kitchen.


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