The Role of Instagram in Travel Marketing

The Role of Instagram in Travel Marketing

The lush greenery, the spectacular evening lights and other aspects of travelling are stories that every travel enthusiast looks forward to. For those who can’t make it to such a destination, their aim is to get as much information as they can on the location and the available sights.

Social media has transcended the borders and can now connect travellers and would-be adventurers. They can no longer depend on travel agents to know what a destination offers. To find the ideal destination for their next vacation, all they have is to browse Instagram.

How Impressive is Instagram?

Since its inception, Instagram has grown steadily, amassing a massive 800 million visitors each month. It seems the meteoric rise of this site happened in such a short time. This makes it an effective way of running your travel plan using the site. So, what makes this platform so appealing to your travel niche?

High Levels of Engagement

Instagram users are the most highly engaged with the content that other users post on the site. When you compare the level of engagement to other networks such as Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is way ahead of the pack. Instagram has a 2.3 percent engagement rate for each follower, Facebook coming second with a paltry 0.2 percent.

As a travel marketer, you can get comments and likes on your posts easily if you take it to Instagram.

Geolocation Marketing

Instagram’s geo-location feature allows you to view all the recent posts shared on in the location. If you get relevant posts, you can repost them to get more followers on your page.

Studies show that more than 45 percent of the users utilize the network to get their next vacation destination. Of these, 35 percent use the platform to discover other places. If you are a travel agent, this is the perfect way to get clients to your landing page.

It Serves as an Online Review Site

A lot of people around the world are depending on Instagram to explore and find their next destination. From high levels of engagement to geolocations features, Instagram forms the best site for millennials to get a destination to visit with friends.

Since the World Wide Web came into being, many users trust these reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. With a large following, you can easily influence the decision of travellers. To be an authority in this field, you need to automate your engagement tasks, such as following, liking and commenting. A few months ago, you could do this using Instagress, which, sadly was shut down. Don’t despair though, SWS Magazine gives you the right information to get a tool that works the same way, maybe better.

Truth is, Instagram users would rather hear a recommendation from one of your customers as opposed to a marketing message from you. The more followers you have, the easier it is to get the message out to your audience.


Travelling the world is an exciting proposition, and it becomes more exciting when you make some money out of it. One of the ways to do this is to become an influencer on Instagram.

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