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    Become a biker and find the meaning of life

    Have you ever noticed how there are always one or two people in the office who seem to be happier than everyone else? They rock up on a Monday morning, looking invigorated, like they spent Saturday swimming with dolphins and Sunday paragliding off of a mountain. How can it be that these people can be […]

  • small business overheads
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    How you can reduce your home/small business overheads

    Those of us who are self-employed, or who run small or home business, are not only managing our home finances, but are also looking after the finances of our company. As a result of this, a particular lesson is doubly-enforced: don’t spend more than you make. Some business models don’t scale well – if you […]

  • Then stay youthful!
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    Don’t want to grow old? Then stay youthful!

    Some people were born old. The kids who were always afraid of the consequences of absolutely anything were born old. Those who wouldn’t take part in a snowball fight were, too. And then there were the ones who copied the way real old people talked – using the lexicon of the preceding generation and the […]

  • Water Softeners and Conservation

    Water Softeners and Conservation

    The current drought in California has forced Governor Jerry Brown to enact emergency conservation regulations as recently as this past January with additional new restrictions being implemented seemingly every other month. As of March 2015, the water use outlines of 2014 that prohibit the hosing down of sidewalks and driveways or washing motor vehicles without […]

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  • How to Combat Dry Mouth

    How to Combat Dry Mouth at Home

    Many people think that dry mouth comes from talking a lot or being a regular drinker or smoker. As a smoker, I thought it was just something I had to live with because I smoked. I found out that these things can contribute to an occasional dry mouth, but most of the time the real […]

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  • A Musical Life

    A Musical Life

    I have always had a keen interest in music. Music has always been a part of my life, when I was growing up my parents were very keen for me to learn an instrument and be able to read music. While I struggled with reading music, I took to playing instruments very well and self-taught […]

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  • The Desire for a Better Body

    The Desire for a Better Body

    Motivation, according to Merriam-Webster, is defined as “the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something, a force or influence that causes someone to do something, the condition of being eager to act or work”. Most of us have goals in life and that achievement or reward is what motivates us to […]

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  • The Small Things

    The Small Things

    Throughout my life, my parents have always proved to me that material things simply didn’t matter. I have twin older brothers and a younger sister. We grew up in a warm and loving home and while we were not rich, we had everything we could wish for. When we were children, we would struggle to […]

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